Ducats are the locally owned and established ready-mix concrete supplier in Armidale, Guyra and surrounding areas. Ducats supply a wide range of products in varying strengths to meet all of your concrete requirements. We provide standard and custom blends and are happy to accommodate any special needs you may have. Our standard product range is listed below.

We deliver all concrete in either our heavy rigid concrete agitators (5m3) or in our mini-mix for those hard to get to jobs (2m3). No job is too large or too small for our experienced team.

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Standard Blends



Can be used for Garage floors and Driveways. 20Mpa concrete is strong enough to support most cars and light 4WD vehicles. Commonly used in various types of house slabs and pump sheds.


Can be used for Machinery Shed floors and Tank slabs. Can support heavy tractors and other bulky farm equipment.


Can support very heavy equipment and large stationary motors. Usually used for industrial applications.


Is the strongest concrete we supply. Used for industrial applications including tilt up pre-cast panels.

Exposed Blends

Exposed Blue Pebble

Exposed White Pebble

Exposed Red Pebble

Concrete blends designed for the top layer to be removed at finishing to expose the pebbles in the decorative concrete surface. The ‘exposed’ surface reveals the natural textures of the different pebbles or aggregates in the concrete. Ducats offer a range of different pebble exposures including blue, white and red coloured pebbles

Custom Blends

Kerb and Gutter Blends

Small Metal (10mm) Blends

Topping Mix

10mm Pump Mix

Pump Block Mix

No Fines 20mm Mix

Spray Pool Mix

Stabilised Sand (4%)

Ducats offer a variety of customs blend designs to suit all your concreting requirements. If you have a specific blend in mind, we can custom a solution to meet your needs. A list of common custom blends are provided here.

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