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Ducats offer a wide range of Bitumen Sealing services.

Pot Hole Patching: We can patch Pot Holes in any surface and give advice on how to help prevent them forming again.
From a gravel patch job to cold mix , just call for a quote.

1 Coat Bitumen Seal: Consists of a Bitumen Spray and one coat of 7mm Aggregate. Ideal for a foot path or light traffic area.

2 Coat Bitumen Seal: Consists of Bitumen Spray , one coat of 14mm Aggregate , A second coat of Bitumen and a coat of 7mm Aggregate. Both coats of Bitumen are heated and the finished surface is compacted. Can be driven on immediately.


Bitumen Products

Cold Mix

Storage grade asphalt that is ideal for instant repairs to bitumen. Ideal for larger pot holes.

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